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Cell Structure and Function
Vol. 17 (1992) No. 4 P 209-212



A simple model is presented for the estimation of image blurring in X-ray microscopy of biological specimens in a hydrated environment. The model is essentially based on thermal diffusion of an object to be imaged. The degree of image blurring by diffusion depends on the following situations of the object. The object is free from, is tightly fixed to, or is partially connected to the surrounding structures. The proper imaging time required to achieve a given resolution in X-ray microscopy of biological structures was estimated with the present method. The results suggest that imaging time shorter than 3 msec (free) to 1.4 sec (tightly fixed) is required for the observation of a cell (30μm in diameter) at the resolution of 100 nm. The model is also applicable to a fragmented object caused by imaging X-rays.

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