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Fluorescent Karyotype Analysis in Four Varieties of Solanum melongena L.
Rinat FawziaSheikh Shamimul Alam
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2011 Volume 76 Issue 3 Pages 345-351


Four varieties of Solanum melongena L., namely local variety-Islampuri, BARI Begun-3 (Tarapuri, Claimed as F1 hybrid between local and BARI Begun-1 F1 hybrid), BARI Begun-1 (Uttara) and BARI Begun-5 (Nayantara), were cytogenetically investigated to characterize individual karyotypes. Although each variety was found to possess 2n=24 chromosomes, the karyotype formulae differed sharply among them. Heteromorphicity in respect of centromeric position revealed the occurence of minute deletion. Each variety possesed distinct CMA- and DAPI-banding karyotypes. Reversible chromosome banding i.e. CMA positive-DAPI negative was found in BARI Begun-5 (Nayantara). The overall karyotypic features indicated that BARI Begun-5 was totally different from the other 3 varieties. In BARI Begun-1, a pair of satellites was found in CMA-stained metaphase plates. It was not observed in orcein and DAPI staining revealed stain-specificity of the satellited portions. The karyotype analysis did not support the suggestion that BARI Begun-3 is a hybrid between local (Islampuri) and BARI Begun-1 (Uttara).

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