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Male Meiosis in Two Morphotypes of Melica persica Kunth (Poaceae) from Himachal Pradesh, India
Kamlesh KumariManjit Inder Singh Saggoo
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2016 Volume 81 Issue 4 Pages 403-408


The detailed meiotic behavior, chromosome number, morphological analysis and pollen fertility was studied in 10 populations of Melica persica belonging to family Poaceae from the cold desert region of Kinnaur. The collection and analysis of the species done on population basis showed a wide range of distribution with varied altitudinal habitats, and two distinct morphotypes-purplish red and creamy white colored spikelets. The collected morphotypes do not show any cytological variations and all the populations showed the same diploid chromosome number (2n=18 based on x=9). Two populations of white and one population of red morphotypes showed normal meiotic behavior while the rest of the seven populations showed a number of meiotic abnormalities including cytomixis, chromosome stickiness, unoriented bivalents, laggards, bridges and abnormal microsporogenesis in the form of dyad, leading to reduction in pollen fertility. In the present study, the existence of two morphotypes and the phenomenon of cytomixis have been reported for the first time in this grass species.

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