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Chemical constituents and bioactivities of Colla corii asini
Dongliang WangWenwen RuYunpeng XuJianling ZhangXianxian HeGuohua FanBeibei MaoXiangshan ZhouYufeng Qin
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2014 Volume 8 Issue 5 Pages 201-207


In China, Colla corii asini is a health-care food and traditional Chinese medicine widely used in life-nourishing and clinical hematic antanemic therapy for more than 2,000 years. In this paper we compiled the chemical constituents isolated and detected from Colla corii asini including amino acids, proteins/gelatins, polysaccharides, volatile substances, inorganic substances, etc. Meanwhile we investigated the biological activities of Colla corii asini, which have been reported over the past few decades, including, hematologic diseases inhibitory activities, anti-aging activity, antitumor activity, immunomodulatory activity, bone repair activity, anti-inflammatory activity, antifatigue activity, etc. However, few reports on the relationships between the chemical constituents and bioactivities have been found, further studies of Colla corii asini are still necessary to facilitate research and development in the future.

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