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Online ISSN : 1683-1470
The Distribution of Geomagnetic Field Components on the Southern Part of the Korean Peninsula for Epoch 2010.0
Mutaek LimJiyoung MoonYeongsue ParkYounghong ShinHyoungrae Rim
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2011 年 10 巻 p. IAGA69-IAGA74


NGII(National Geography Information Institute) of Korea consigned KIGAM(Korea Institute of Geoscience & Mineral Resources) to do absolute geomagnetic measurements on 32 geomagnetic repeat stations evenly distributed on the southern part of Korean Peninsula in the year 2010 and to produce geomagnetic field components' distribution maps for the year 2010.0. The result of the processing of the measured data, i. e., the geomagnetic field components' distribution, shows a near similarity with that calculated from IGRF-11 although the latter was processed without any real geomagnetic data measured on the Korean Peninsula as an input. This implies that we installed the repeat stations on sites with good geomagnetic conditions and that our result in accordance with the IGRF represents well the regional distribution trend, i. e., it is dominated by relatively long wavelength components.



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