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Highlights of the 2013 International Forum on 'Polar Data Activities in Global Data Systems'.
Antarctic Space Weather Data Managed by IPS Radio and Space Services of Australia
K WangD NeudeggC YuileM TerkildsenR MarshallM HydeG PattersonC ThomsonA KellyY Tian
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2014 年 13 巻 p. PDA44-PDA50


Ionospheric Prediction Services (IPS) has an extensive collection of data from Antarctic field instruments, the oldest being ionospheric recordings from the 1950s. Its sensor network (IPSNET) spans Australasia and Antarctica collecting information on space weather. In Antarctica, sensors include ionosondes, magnetometers, riometers, and cosmic ray detectors. The (mostly) real-time data from these sensors flow into the IPS World Data Centre at Sydney, where the majority are available online to clients worldwide. When combined with other IPSNET-station data, they provide the basis for Antarctic space weather reports. This paper summarizes the datasets collected from Antarctica and their data management within IPS.



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