Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
Vol.8 (The 9th International Conference of Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies, 2011)

Academic Paper
Comparative Analysis of Transportation Sustainability in OECD Countries
*Gunyoung KIMSangyong HAN
会議録・要旨集 フリー

p. 34


The Korean government published sustainable transport indicators in April 2010, and with these indicators, evaluated the transportation sustainability in each of 84 Korean cities. The purpose of this study is to measure and evaluate the transportation sustainability in OECD countries with the same indicators as were used in Korea, allowing the comparison between the present position of Korean transportation sustainability and economic scale with other nations. According to the evaluation based on 2007 data, European countries such as Norway and Sweden received a favorable evaluation, while Korea was in grade 4. There is not enough data to explain the relationship between economic scale and transportation sustainability, because the results could be different if other economic indicators are applied. This study can be meaningful in examining the present position of Korea relative to other nations helping to establish and enforce future sustainable transportation policy.

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