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Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
Vol. 11 (2015) p. 227-242



B: Transportation Economics and Policy

In this study, we present an international comparative study on urban public transport and paratransit in six Asian countries. The paper focuses on benchmarking legal aspects and intermodal issues among existing urban paratransit, aiming for a better future policy in fulfilling the need of urban population growth. Results indicate that many modes are actually has not yet been legalized in the six countries. From the typology of typical paratransit modes, it is found that there are still paratransit modes with fixed route that might respond to the travel demand enough for sustaining route service if the vehicle size is minimized. Finally, there are many cases where BRT and other public transport projects face the issue of restructuring of existing public transport network mostly with bus mode. Development of intermodal facilities is considered as one of the solutions for overcoming the issue. It is also noted that common ticketing system, or integration in terms of systems, should be regarded as an important measure for promoting the integration.

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