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Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
Vol. 11 (2015) p. 44-59



A: Transportation General

This paper presents the results of a limited preliminary on-road and vehicle laboratory tests of 2% (B2) and 5% (B5) CME-Diesel blends on local public transport where data will be used as one of the inputs, among others such as economic, logistics, and fuel quality issues, to deliberations to decide for the introduction of B5 in Philippine commercial diesel fuel. The study is conducted to determine fuel consumption of B2 vs. B5 under near actual operating conditions where it utilized public utility jeepneys from five routes in Metro Manila where travel distance, fuel consumption and load factor are monitored. Mileage is increased by 5.9% and reduction in idling smoke opacity of 12% are observed using B5. Drive cycle tests are conducted where an improvement of 4.6% in specific fuel consumption is observed for B5. The improvement in mileage for B5 is estimated to be 3.0%.

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