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Journal of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies
Vol. 11 (2015) p. 537-556



C: Travel Demand Analysis and Forecast

This paper investigates the effects of ATIS (Advanced Traveler Information Systems) accuracy on drivers' compliance with descriptive information and route choice behavior. The approach adopted here examines drivers' compliance with ATIS and the subsequent route choice using a nested logit model. Compliance is modeled as a binary logit model which is then used as an upper branch to the route choice process. Stated Preference (SP) methods are used to collect data on drivers' behavior. The questionnaire incorporated the factors affecting drivers' perception of information accuracy such as travel time error average and variability. The results showed that not only does ATIS accuracy affect drivers' compliance, but it also has an impact on the reliability of each route. Attitudes toward risk were also found important in the decision making process.

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