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Examining the Speed Reduction Characteristics of Urban Residential Streets in the Upstream Side of Speed Humps
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2019 年 5 巻 5 号 p. 828-844


The speed humps can reduce vehicle speed at hump location effectively. However, practitioners require to understand comprehensively the speed reduction mechanism of a single hump in case of a long road section. Therefore, the present study is designed to investigate the external geometric and non-geometric factors, associated with speed reduction in the upstream of humps. A total of 500-speed data were collected from 7 different residential streets in Japan. Using multiple linear regression analysis, various road geometric features were found as significant predictors for speed reduction i.e., street marking, road width, two-way traffic, presence of the sidewalk, etc. A non-geometric factor named “street with many pedestrians” also found significant. The findings of this study can help practitioners to find out the optimum placement of a single hump along the road section. Furthermore, the speed at the upstream of hump can also be predicted before installation, by using the developed models.

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