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Low Energy Metal Ion Beam Production with a Modified Freeman-Type Ion Source for Development of Novel Catalysts
S. YoshimuraM. KiuchiY. NishimotoM. YasudaA. BabaS. Hamaguchi
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2012 Volume 10 Pages 139-144


Interactions of indium (In) and silicon (Si) atoms have been found to catalyze certain organic chemical reactions with high efficiency. In a recent paper [S. Yoshimura, et al., Appl. Surf. Sci., 257, 192 (2010)], it has been demonstrated that an In injected SiO2 thin film formed under specific ion beam conditions catalyzes a reaction of benzhydrol with acetylacetone. In this study a technique to implant bismuth (Bi) ions into SiO2 thin films has been developed with highly controlled ion doses and injection energies for the formation of thin films that promote Bi(III) catalysis in organic chemistry. For this purpose, the Freeman-type ion source of our beam system was modified with a new sputtering target. In addition, sticking probabilities of Bi have been obtained with the use of a quartz crystal microbalance. Although efficiency of catalytic reactions by a Bi implanted SiO2 thin film is yet to be improved, the technique provides a Bi-Si based novel catalyst of a thin film type. [DOI: 10.1380/ejssnt.2012.139]

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