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In Situ Microfabrication and Measurements of Bi2Se3 Ultrathin Films in a Multichamber System with a Focused Ion Beam, Molecular Beam Epitaxy, and Four-Tip Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Naoya FukuiRei HobaraToru HiraharaShuji HasegawaYutaka MiyatakeHiroyuki MizunoToru SasakiToshihiko Nagamura
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2014 Volume 12 Pages 423-430


Ultrathin films of Bi2Se3 grown on Si(111) substrate were etched into submicron-width wires by using a focused ion beam (FIB), and their electrical resistance was measured using the four-probe method with a four-tip scanning tunneling microscope. All of the procedures were performed in situ in ultrahigh vacuum without exposing the sample to air. One-dimensional conduction of the films was confirmed from the dependence of the resistance on the length of wire under measurement, meaning that successful lossless current path control laterally as well as vertically can be obtained with FIB etching. Protecting the sample surface from unintentional gallium ion beam irradiation in the FIB process was also found to be important for maintaining the intrinsic electrical properties of the Bi2Se3 films. [DOI: 10.1380/ejssnt.2014.423]

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