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Interaction Energy between Graphene and a Silicon Substrate Using Pairwise Summation of the Lennard-Jones Potential
Norio InuiSho Iwasaki
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2017 Volume 15 Pages 40-49


We consider the computation of a long-range interaction energy between a single graphene sheet and a silicon substrate, which arises from vacuum fluctuations. The interaction energy obtained by summation of the Lennard Jones potential between a carbon atom in a single graphene sheet and a silicon atom is compared with the dispersion energy (Casimir energy) obtained by combining the Lifshitz theory and the Dirac model for graphene. Deviation of the pairwise summation of the Lennard-Jones potential from the Casimir energy is corrected by adding a power function term, whose coefficient depends on the distance between atoms. We also consider the interaction between a graphene sheet and a silicon dioxide substrate. [DOI: 10.1380/ejssnt.2017.40]

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