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Fabrication and in / ex situ XPS Characterization of Rh Nanoparticles
Yuki KodaHirosuke SumidaSatoshi OgawaChie TsukadaHirofumi Namatame
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2017 Volume 15 Pages 50-54


Rh nanoparticles have been fabricated by the evaporation method using the He gas in the Rh evaporation chamber, connected with the pre-evacuation chamber of BL6N1 at Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center (Aichi SR). The electronic and geometric properties of the Rh nanoparticles have been verified without atmosphere exposure (in situ XPS) and after atmosphere exposure (ex situ XPS) using SR-XPS and TEM. The size of Rh nanoparticles is estimated 1.8±0.5 nm in diameter and deposited on a substrate. Judging from the result of the in situ XPS analysis with photon energy of 2.0 keV and 3.5 keV, the surface of the deposited Rh nanoparticles without atmosphere exposure is the metallic state. On the other side, the outermost surface changes into Rh oxide after atmosphere exposure even in a short time. For a long time atmosphere exposure moreover, the Rh oxide increases in the depth direction, and the deep area is in the higher oxidation state. [DOI: 10.1380/ejssnt.2017.50]

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