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Conference -ISSS-8-
The Transitional Transmittance Response of ZIF-8 Gas Adsorption Observed Using Terahertz Waves
Atsushi MatsuokaHirotoshi MatsumuraMasafumi OdakaNobuaki OgawaTakenori Tanno
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2018 Volume 16 Pages 142-144


In this study, we recorded the transitional response in terms of terahertz transmittance of zeolitic imidazole framework-8 [Zn(2-methylimidazolate)2, ZIF-8] at 2.0 THz as a function of exposure time to gaseous propane and n-butane. The transmittance at 2.0 THz increased as gas adsorbed onto the ZIF-8. Conversely, during a nitrogen purge, transmittance decreased as the alkane gas desorbed. We estimated time constants for the adsorption and desorption of the two gases by comparing the plots of their responses. We also demonstrated the potential of using a combination of ZIF materials and terahertz technology as a novel gas analyzer. [DOI: 10.1380/ejssnt.2018.142]

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