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Evidence for Multi-Atom Resonance X-ray Raman Spectroscopy — An in situ Low Z-element and Bond-specific X-ray Spectroscopy
Natee SirisitDaiki KidoYuki WakisakaHiroko Ariga-MiwaSatoru TakakusagiKiyotaka AsakuraOki SekizawaTomohiro SakataTomoya UrugaYasuhiro Iwasawa
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2018 Volume 16 Pages 387-390


We have shown a possibility of multi-atom resonant X-ray Raman (MARX-Raman) spectroscopy by measuring the N K-edge loss spectrum of TaN at Ta L3-edge and C K-edge loss spectrum of Er(C5H5)3 at Er L1-edge. When the excitation X-ray energy was tuned to the Ta L3-edge and inelastic scattering spectra were recorded around 400 eV loss corresponding to the N K-edge Raman region, we found a clear enhancement of emission spectrum. The same enhancement was observed in C K-edge Raman region in Er(C5H5)3. These experimental results have indicated the possibility of MARX-Raman phenomenon which may lead to a new in situ and bond-specific XAFS spectroscopy for low Z elements. [DOI: 10.1380/ejssnt.2018.387]

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