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Bulk and Surface Band Dispersion Mapping of the Au(111) Surface by Acceptance-cone Tunable PES System
Fumihiko MatsuiSeiji MakitaHiroyuki MatsudaTakahiro UebaToshio HorigomeHiroyuki YamaneKiyohisa TanakaSatoshi KeraNobuhiro Kosugi
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2020 Volume 18 Pages 18-23


Two-dimensional angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy is a powerful method to study the electronic structure of a crystal surface. The latest version of the angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy analyzer was installed at the BL6U of the UVSOR-III Synchrotron. This spectrometer consists of a hemispherical electron analyzer equipped with a mechanical deflector and a mesh electrostatic lens close to the sample to make the size of acceptance cone tunable. A constant-energy photoelectron angular distribution of the valence band dispersion cross section in the large wave number region can be efficiently obtained by applying a negative bias voltage to the sample and using a mechanical deflector. Here, the three-dimensional bulk band and the surface state dispersion mappings of Au(111) surface are presented to show the performance of the current photoelectron spectroscopy experimental station. We revisited the dual observation of bulk and surface electronic structures at this kinetic energy regime.

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