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Development of Display-Type Ellipsoidal Mesh Analyzer
Kentaro GotoHiroyuki MatsudaMie HashimotoHideo NojiriChikako SakaiFumihiko MatsuiHiroshi DaimonLászló TóthTomohiro Matsushita
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2011 Volume 9 Pages 311-314


We have been developing a new display-type ellipsoidal mesh analyzer (DELMA), which is composed of a wide acceptance angle electrostatic lens (WAAEL) unit and a transfer lens system. By using this analyzer, both photoelectron angular distribution patterns and magnified images of the sample can be obtained on a screen. When the screen is taken away from the electron path, the electrons are introduced to an energy analyzer (VG SCIENTA R4000) and high energy resolution spectra are obtained. A performance test of DELMA using synchrotron radiation was carried out at BL07LSU in SPring-8. We succeeded in measuring for the first time the magnified image of the sample, the angular distribution patterns, and x-ray photoelectron spectra. The magnified image from a mesh sample (SUS316, #100) was measured by using DELMA. The measured acceptance angle of angular distribution patterns using DELMA combined with the energy analyzer was about $±45°. We measured x-ray photoelectron spectra from a Ta plate to evaluate the energy resolution of DELMA. The measured total energy resolution of DELMA combined with the energy analyzer was 0.2% at kinetic energy around 700 eV. [DOI: 10.1380/ejssnt.2011.311]

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