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Experimental Animals
Vol. 52 (2003) No. 5 P 371-375




Agaricus blazei (H1 strain) was tested for its anticancer activity using a sarcoma 180 (S180) inoculation model and the changing patterns of splenocyte subsets were examined. Its hot-water extract was administered orally to ICR and KSN nude mice that were inoculated with S180. The growth of S180 was significantly inhibited in A.blazei treated groups. Pan T cells significantly increased in all treated groups compared to controls, even in KSN nude mice. Splenocyte subset changes were slightly different between ICR and KSN nude mice. This S180 inoculation model proved to be effective in screening the antitumor effect of basidiomycetes and allowed comparisons of immunological cellular changes between the mouse strains.

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