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Effects of Cholesterol-Loaded Cyclodextrins on the Rate and the Quality of Motility in Frozen and Thawed Rabbit Sperm
Kazutoshi NishijimaShinji YamaguchiMai TanakaYusuke SakaiChihiro KoshimotoMasatoshi MorimotoTeruo WatanabeJianglin FanShuji Kitajima
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2014 年 63 巻 2 号 p. 149-154


The motility of sperm after freezing and thawing is critical for effective cryopreservation. It is known that supplementation with cholesterol-loaded cyclodextrin (CLC) improves cryosurvival of sperm in various animals. To clarify the effects of supplementation with CLC on rabbit sperm motility after freezing and thawing, rabbit sperm motility was analyzed using a computer-assisted sperm analysis system. Sperm motility with CLC supplementation was 29.4 ± 9.6% (mean ± SD), which was significantly higher than that of controls (20.8 ± 7.1%, P<0.05). The curvilinear velocity of sperm with CLC exceeded that of controls, whereas the values for linearity and wobble were significantly lower in sperm with CLC compared with controls. After artificial insemination, 44.3% of recovered ova were fertilized in the CLC-supplemented group, which was higher than the percentage in the control group (36.4%). The results indicate that supplementation with CLC improves the rate and quality of motility in rabbit sperm after freezing and thawing, and would be advantageous for successful cryopreservation.

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