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Littermate Influence on Infant Growth in Mice: Comparison of SJL/J and ICR as Cotransferred Carrier Embryos
Ryosuke KANEKOToshie KAKINUMASachiko SATOAtsushi JINNO-OUEHidekazu HATA
キーワード: C57BL/6, cotransfer, embryo transfer, ICR, SJL/J
ジャーナル フリー

2014 年 63 巻 4 号 p. 375-381


In mice, a minimum number of healthy embryos is required to trigger and maintain pregnancy. Therefore, when recovering mouse embryos from a limited litter, one useful technique is to transfer carrier ICR embryos along with the embryos of interest, a technique referred to as cotransfer. In this study, we examined suitable mouse strains for cotransfer with C57BL/6J (B6) embryos in regards to the maintenance of pregnancy, number of pups born, intrauterine growth, and postnatal growth. Because the coat color of B6 is black, we compared two white coat-colored strains, SJL/J and ICR. Cotransfer of SJL/J and ICR embryos had similar effects on maintenance of pregnancy, number of pups born, and intrauterine growth. However, the postnatal growth of B6 mouse pups cotransferred and grown with SJL/J pups was better than for B6 mouse pups cotransferred and grown with ICR pups, suggesting competition among littermates. These results demonstrate that cotransfer of SJL/J embryos will be useful not only as carrier embryos with B6-background embryos but also as a model system to examine littermate competition.

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