Experimental Animals
Online ISSN : 1881-7122
Print ISSN : 1341-1357
ISSN-L : 0007-5124
Survey report on public awareness concerning the use of animals in scientific research in Japan
ジャーナル フリー 早期公開

論文ID: 19-0001


We conducted a survey on 3096 members of the public in order to find out about public awareness concerning the use of animals in scientific research in Japan and statistically analyzed the results. Regarding the necessity of experiments, research, and educational activities using animals, 55–62% respondents answered that “development of medicine and medical technology for human beings,” “development of medicine and medical technology for animals,” “practical training at medical schools,” and “practical training at schools of veterinary medicine” were necessary, while 9–12% respondents answered that they were not necessary. These results showed that the Japanese public can dispassionately accept that animal experiments are necessary. Regarding the image of animal experiments, 50–70% respondents also supported animal experiments aimed at “advances in science and medicine,” “securing of human health and safety,” and “pursuit of economic interest.” On the other hand, when faced with questions that featured emotional language, a majority (51–57% of people) felt that “animal experiments are painful and cruel acts” and that “experimental animals are to be pitied.” This survey showed that the majority of the Japanese public can accept the necessity of animal experiments, but experts and researchers involved in animal experiments should consider seriously the large number of respondents that agreed with emotive descriptions of animal research.

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