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Genes & Genetic Systems
Vol. 80 (2005) No. 2 P 135-139



Short communications

Members of the NAC gene family encode plant-specific transcription factors and are widely distributed in plant species. The OsNAC6 gene is one of many NAC genes in rice and has high similarity to genes in the ATAF subfamily. Here we show that OsNAC6 is induced by cold, salt, drought and abscisic acid (ABA). We found that OsNAC6 is also induced by wounding. The response of OsNAC6 to wounding is very rapid and strong. OsNAC6 was also induced by jasmonic acid (JA), a plant hormone that activates defense responses against herbivores and pathogens. Our results imply that OsNAC6, besides having a role in plant adaptation to abiotic stresses, also integrates signals derived from both abiotic and biotic stresses.

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