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New microsatellite markers recognize differences in tandem repeats among four related Gastrodia species (Orchidaceae)
Kenji OgakiKenji SuetsuguKeiju KishikawaDaisuke KyogokuKohtaroh ShutohYuji IsagiShingo Kaneko
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2019 Volume 94 Issue 5 Pages 225-229


Gastrodia is the most species-rich genus among mycoheterotrophic plants, and is thus an essential taxon to understand the mechanism of species diversification in mycoheterotrophs. In this study, we developed microsatellite markers with high transferability for four Gastrodia species to examine genetic differentiation and similarity among species, populations and individuals. The 12 microsatellite markers developed from a G. fontinalis library showed high transferability for the ramets that identified G. nipponica, G. kuroshimensis and G. takeshimensis. In addition to the high transferability of these markers, we observed low allele variation within a sampled population of each species and allele differences among the four species. The 12 markers described here will be useful for investigating the genetic differences among and within the Gastrodia species, which evolved by a limitation of gene flow.

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