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Development of self-fertile deletion homozygous and ditelosomic lines for the long arm of chromosome 2A in common wheat
Shotaro TakenakaGiri P. JoshiTakashi R. Endo
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2020 Volume 95 Issue 2 Pages 95-99


Most deletions for the short arm of chromosome 2A (2AS), and the telocentric chromosome for the long arm of chromosome 2A (2AL), are available only in the heterozygous condition in ‘Chinese Spring’ hexaploid wheat. This is due to the female sterility, and therefore self-sterility, of their homozygotes, caused by the partial or entire loss of the 2AS chromosome arm on which genes for normal synapsis and female fertility are located. On the other hand, a D-genome disomic substitution line 2D(2A) of ‘Langdon’ tetraploid wheat, in which chromosome 2D is disomically substituted for chromosome 2A, is available (i.e., self-fertile) despite chromosome 2A being missing in this line. This fact indicates that another gene for female fertility must be present in Langdon 2D(2A). We attempted to develop self-fertile 2AS homozygous deletion and ditelosomic 2AL lines by transferring this female fertility gene, through a series of crosses and cytological screening, from Langdon 2D(2A) to the two aneuploid lines. We finally obtained self-fertile 2AS homozygous deletion and ditelosomic 2AL lines. These lines displayed normal meiotic chromosome pairing and lacked all 12 of the 2AS markers used for PCR analysis.

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