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Vol. 13 (2016) No. 1 国際情報研究 13巻1号 p. 61-71




The purpose of this study is to examine cases of the “past life therapy” of “spiritual” pain by means of the method of Dr. Brian Weiss's “past life therapy” by surveying summaries of patients' age, occupation,religion, symptoms, treatment and psychological state. Through this case study, the authors of this essay wish to pave their way to consider the tendency of spiritual pain, and to clarify the issues and direction of future care. In the framework of the “past life therapy,” “spiritual” pain of life in this world is a pain which is visible to the real being because this catches the pain as it is. A sufferer's sense of being seen by the real being leads the sufferer to reduce pain. According to the theory, talking about death and experiences of world after death “widen our horizons”, and “values and behaviors change when the sufferer wakes.” This enables the sufferer to “transcend” this world and rise to a multilateral dimension of mind, spirit, or soul.This world briefed here is a main subject of our analysis.

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