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Association between toe-grip strength and gait in patient with Parkinsonʼs disease:analysis of temporal and spatial gait parameters in comfortable and fast walking
Masayuki SomaShin MurataHideyuki NakaeHideki NakanoHaruhisa IshidaYuumi MaruyamaHitoshi NagaraYuko Nagara
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2021 Volume 10 Issue 4 Pages 195-198


【Purpose】This study investigated the relationship between toe-grip strength and temporal and spatial gait parameters when walking comfortably and at a high speed,to clarify the function of toe-grip strength in gait in patient with Parkinsonʼs disease.【Subjects and Methods】Forty patient with Parkinsonʼs disease living at home were enrolled in this study. The measured items were toe-grip strength, along with speed (comfortable and fast), stride length, walking rate, stride interval, foot angle, stance duration, swing duration,and double-leg support duration. The association between toe-grip strength and these items were investigated using Pearsonʼs product-moment correlation coefficient.【Results】Toe-grip strength showed a significant positive correlation with stride length and speed when walking comfortably and fast, but no significant correlation with stance duration, swing duration, and double-leg support duration.【Conclusion】These results suggest that individuals with greater toe-grip strength are able to walk faster by increasing their stride length while preserving temporal/cyclical parameters, without altering their gait rhythm.

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