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Overcome Disability by Motivative Exercise: a Paradigm Shift in Rehabilitation -
To Establish New Civilization, in which does not make increasing the Elderly a Negative Factor
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2020 Volume 2020 Issue 1 Pages 9-


The motivative exercise is the foundation of autonomous kinetic rehabilitation named Takizawa Rehab Method, based on United States Patent "US.PAT. 7153250 Method for managing exercise for functional recovery and muscle strengthening, 26 DEC. 2006." And it is used as the Rehab Intervention technique for functional disorders resulting from cerebrovascular episodes, with significant effects for regaining walking and overcoming functional disabilities.

The scientific goals consist of introducing and implementing a new rehabilitative paradigm, called the Takizawa method and motivative exercise, consisting of self-exercise, with the help of patented technical innovations, involving a healthy patient to move and exercise the disabled limb. Another goal would be to perform the method's fundamental standardization to disseminate the new technique in a verifiable and controlled manner across various countries. Finally, the seminar will be an international platform for rehabilitation and physiotherapy professionals to design randomized control trials (RCT) to assess the true value of a new physiotherapeutic paradigm in rehabilitation medicine.

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