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Mood Change Caused by ‘Active Art’ that Encourages Touching and Grasping Movements
- Evaluation of when Operating the ‘Let's Draw Fireworks!’ Program -
キーワード: Active Art, Touching, Grasping, Mood, POMS
ジャーナル フリー

2015 年 14 巻 4 号 p. 253-257


The objective of this study is to evaluate a program that can be brought about through touching and grasping, with a focus on the psychological effect of ‘Active Art’. For the purposes of this study, ‘Active Art’ is defined as art works and art creations that encourage the movement to touch and grasp. The work program with ‘Active Art’ we created is ‘Let's draw fireworks!’, by touching a computer panel and squeezing a rubber air pump to create art works which can then be printed on postcards. The ‘Let's draw fireworks!’ program induces movement of touching, grasping and squeezing. I analysed ratings of the subjects’ mood by using a shortened version of POMS. Participant’s mood is improved when the ‘Vigor’ score is maintained and scores in ‘Tension - Anxiety’, ‘Depression - Dejection’, ‘Anger - Hostility’, ‘Fatigue’, and ‘Confusion’ are decreased by operating the ‘Let's draw fireworks!’ program using ‘Active Art’.

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