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A Study on the Attractiveness Factors of Wedding Dresses
Jui-Che TUHsing-Tzu CHANG
ジャーナル フリー

2017 年 16 巻 3 号 p. 231-241


The study explored the image style preferences of different lifestyle values for wedding dress consumers. Evaluation grid method (EGM) with Miryoku engineering were also used to construct attractiveness factors for wedding dresses evaluation. Then, weights of the attractiveness factors were further analyzed according to Hayashi's Quantitative Theory Type I. The results of correspondence analysis (CA) revealed that, on the belongingness seekers preferred the wedding dress image style of noble and formal. For self-realization followers, they preferred the image styles of noble and formal and attractive and charming while hedonists preferred the style of romantic and pretty. The results of quantification Type I analysis also indicated the categories of ball gown, mermaid cut, emphasis on neckline, slim fit cut, embroidered lace pattern, chiffon and yarn, long/short-sleeved, lotus leaf hemmed, pleated, waistband and back had statistically significant positive influences. The value and contribution of the study was to conclude the results of wedding dress attractiveness factor analysis for industries and wedding dress designers to utilize as their design references.

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