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Simulation and Test of Gear Pump Flow Pulsation
Chen ZongbinLv ZhiqiangXu RongwuLiao Jian
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2018 Volume 11 Issue 3 Pages 265-272


Flow pulsation is the inherent properties of volumetric hydraulic pump, the direct noise source of hydraulic system. Simulating the internal gear pumps' flow pulsation based on the mathematical model is difficult, so a new simulation method was adopted in this article. The chamber of the pump is divided into four Control Volumes (CVs), whose effective volumes change along with the rotation of the gears. The CVs take in fluid from suction port and squeeze fluid out at the outlet port. According the CVs connection relationship, the pump simulation model was established in AMESim. To verify the simulation results, flow pulsation experiment was conducted and experiment data show that simulation model is correct and the accuracy is up to 95%. Results prove that the modeling method and experiment test are effective. Thus the evaluation of flow pulsation from simulation to testing was established, which shown great significance to evaluate and develop the pump's vibration and noise.

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