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Evaluation of fetal status during KAATSU training® in the third trimester of pregnancy
N. TakanoM. KusumiH. Takano
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2013 Volume 9 Issue 1 Pages 7-11


[Objective] We explored KAATSU training performed in a pregnant woman was safe for the fetus at the third thrimester of pregnancy.
[Methods] A 36-year-old primigravida woman underwent non-stress tests (NST) at 29 weeks and 6 days (29w6d) and 30w4d of gestation in three states: resting (no exercise load), biceps curls using a 1 kg load without restricted blood flow, and biceps curls under a 1 kg load with arm blood flow restriction (BFR) with KAATSU belts, a specially designed elastic pressure cuffs. In addition, maternal hemodynamics using a Task Force Monitor and umbilical artery resistance index (UARI) using pulse wave Doppler duplex system were measured during femoral BFR with KAATSU belts at 31w1d.
All of NST results showed that the fetal status was considered to be good and appropriate for the gestational age. Although femoral BFR caused a reduction in the maternal preload, the UARI did not change.
[Conclusion] Under the test conditions used in the present study, KAATSU training had no direct influence on the fetal status and utero-placental circulation. However, as the absence of fetal status influence of KAATSU training could not be confirmed, further investigation will be necessary.

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