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Industrial Health
Vol. 45 (2007) No. 1 P 13-18



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Expertise on work and health topics is the foundation for the added value of occupational health (OH) professionals to the health of the working population. Professionals should therefore practice in accordance with high quality standards and latest evidence. As adequate knowledge management and a supportive knowledge infrastructure is needed, OH professionals can discuss opportunities to strengthen both. Occupational health services ought to offer ICT facilities, stimulate organizational conditions and human resource development to implement evidence-based practice. On national level a portal including a virtual library, tailor-made for occupational health, providing access to high quality websites, abstracts and full text articles and books, is a backbone for further developments. Expert groups on various topics can function as a top reference level for new or complicated questions and issues. As an example of an initiative to foster progress, the Dutch Knowledge Infra Structure program for OH professionals (2004-2006) is introduced. This program included efforts to develop the infrastructure itself and projects to develop concrete tools and instruments.

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