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Industrial Health
Vol. 40 (2002) No. 4 P 375-381



Bisphenol A (BPA), a xenoestrogen, has been reported to mimic the actions of estrogen or to affect the endocrine glands in vivo and in vitro. In this study, we examined whether in utero and lactational exposure to BPA altered the somatic growth and anogenital distance (AGD) of F1 offspring (1, 3, and 9 weeks of age) in vivo in rats. Dams were orally administered with various doses of BPA (0, 4, or 40 mg/kg body weight (BW)/day) from gestation day (GD) 6 through postnatal day (PND) 20. There were no significant changes in body weight, liver weight, kidneys weight, testes weight, AGD, the ratio of AGD to BW, or the ratio of AGD to the cube root of BW in BPA exposed pups compared to the vehicle-exposed control. This suggests that prenatal and postnatal exposure (indirect exposure) to BPA (4-40 mg/kg/day, GD 6-PND 20) does not affect on somatic growth or AGD of F1 generation of male and female rats.

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