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Internal Medicine
Vol. 49 (2010) No. 6 P 589-592




Subcutaneous sarcoidosis (previously referred to as Darier-Roussy sarcoidosis) is an unusual and atypical form of sarcoidosis. It is characterized by formation of the noncaseating granulomas in the subcutaneous tissue with no other systemic manifestations present. Sometimes subcutaneous granulomas are the first sign of systemic sarcoidosis. We report a case of a 51-year-old woman with an isolated form of subcutaneous sarcoidosis with no apparent sign of any other systemic manifestations. The final diagnosis should be made by excluding all other more common diseases. As spontaneous remissions have been reported, regular follow-ups for the first three to six months are advisable. If the remission does not take place within the given period of time or the symptoms progress rapidly, glucocorticoids are the drugs of choice. After improvement is seen, slow tapering of glucocorticoids is advisable.

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