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Internal Medicine
Vol. 40 (2001) No. 1 P 9-13



Objective There is an increasing number of accidents by erroneous ingestion of button batteries in recent years; the batteries arouse the interest of infants because of their attractive shape and luster. The batteries remaining in the gastrointestinal tract and discharging electric current over a long period of time may induce ulceration or perforation, thus must be carefully considered the selection of appropriate treatment.
Methods We remove erroneously ingested button batteries with two tubes with ferrite magnets nearly the same size as the button batteries themselves.
Patients Four cases of erroneous ingestion of button batteries.
Results We easily removed button batteries from the stomach within 5 minutes in all cases with two magnet-attached tubes.
Conclusion We present this battery removal device together with a literature review, because it seems convenient and useful.
(Internal Medicine 40: 9-13, 2001)

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