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ComposableThreads: Rethinking User-level Threads with Composability and Parametricity in C++
Wataru EndoShigeyuki SatoKenjiro Taura
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2022 Volume 30 Pages 269-282


User-level threading or task-parallel systems have been developed over decades to provide efficient and flexible threading features missing from kernel-level threading for both parallel and concurrent programming. Some of the existing state-of-the-art user-level threading libraries provide interfaces to customize the implementation of thread scheduling to adapt to different workloads from both applications and upper-level systems. However, most of them are typically built as huge sets of monolithic components which achieve customizability with additional costs via concrete C APIs. We have noticed that the zero-overhead abstraction of C++ is beneficial for assembling flexible user-level threading in a clearer manner. To demonstrate our ideas, we have implemented a new user-level threading library ComposableThreads which provides customizability while minimizing the interfacing costs. We show that the users can pick up, insert, or replace the individual classes of ComposableThreads for their own purposes. ComposableThreads offers several characteristic abstractions to build high-level constructs of user-level threading including suspended threads (one-shot continuations) and lock delegators. We evaluate both the customizability and performance of our runtime system through the microbenchmark and application results.

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