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International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development
Vol. 3 (2015) No. 3 Special Issue on Urban Simulation and Modeling p. 16-24



We will introduce an integrated model of Online Decision Making Meetings (ODMM) for sustainable management of water resources, which combines online meetings with an agent-based simulation function. This model is able to supply the decision makers with visualized simulation results of different policy scenarios and then support them to have online discussions, communication and make final decisions. The model consists of a remote server, a simulation model for background processing and clients. We assume that several departments related to water resource management will join this meeting and make proposals based on their data and policy. These departments are clients in our model and they are granted with special authority according to their departments. During an online meeting, the clients can choose global parameters for a simulation model that relates to their department based on their roles. Afterwards, simulations for different scenarios can be conducted by the model and the simulation results will be displayed for and visualized by the clients through the server on time. Thus, the government planners can easily view the simulation results regarding different policy scenarios using this tool, thereby making informed decisions and policy implementations.

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