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Interaction and Integration of Cultural Inheritance, Ecotourism, and Industrial Development.
Strategies, Mechanisms and Spatial Practice of The Amis Dietary Culture Transformed into Creativity Living Industry.
Yi-Su ChenLi-Wei Liu
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2017 Volume 5 Issue 3 Pages 66-78


Diet is the important foundation in constructing traditional culture in aboriginal tribes. Because food is usually regarded as the fundamental element of cultural and social interaction, diet carries symbolic information of cultural tradition in the society. In the face of severe challenge in the globalization era, how to conserve aboriginal culture as well as build aboriginal competitiveness in the free market becomes an important issue in enriching plural ethnic culture. Existing research indicates that the traditional economic structure and cultural context of aboriginal tribes may develop a new cultural pattern after tourism development is drawn into aboriginal living territory. Especially the introduction of ecotourism and tourist experience activities can positively support the conservation of local characteristics and contribute to ecological conservation. Moreover, ecotourism also benefits the promotion of local employment and brings natural resources into aboriginal daily life to preserve local characteristics. On the other hand, Creativity Living Industry is the unique type of Cultural and Creative Industries in Taiwan, and it is full of experimental vitality. However, how to develop Amis tribe’s dietary culture into promising Creativity Living Industry is still rare in the field of academic research. This research is intended to fill in these academic blanks. Therefore, this project will conduct a field survey and interview with local persons and professionals in Hualien to collect basic data and information. Social network analysis (SNA) is applied to analyze the mechanism which can effectively transform Amis dietary culture into Creativity Living Industry. Finally, some suggestions regarding spatial planning and improvement are also proposed.

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