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Design Analysis on Planting Patterns and Relationships Used in Artists' Gardens at the Seoul Garden Show
Park Eun-Yeong
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2018 Volume 6A Issue 1 Pages 17-34


This study aims to analyze the design of the artist gardens at the Seoul Garden Show based on planting patterns by identifying the relationships among plants and species of plants. The author selected 10 artworks as the study subject, preferentially targeting cases with clear drawings and those having at least 20 herbaceous plants among the gardens created for the Seoul Garden Show held at the World Cup Park in Sangam-dong, Seoul. The author used Net Miner 4.0, a social network analysis program, to examine the direct connection among plantings. Furthermore, the study analyzed the degree of connection and centrality, which could be helpful in explaining the types of plant materials and characteristics of planting patterns among the index that were available for the design analysis. According to the results of this analysis, I derived the plants of the upper groups based on the degree and degree centrality. Simultaneously, the upper groups were designated up to the third rank. An in-depth study of the characteristics and meanings of the plants of the upper groups was then undertaken. To summarize the results of the study, chrysanthemum was found to be the plant with the highest degree centrality, followed by willow herb. In the case of planting with the highest degree for each artwork, approximately 10 species or more are connected. However, it was difficult to find a similar pattern of planting method among the artworks. This is probably due to the characteristics of the Seoul Garden Show because they had to present a powerful theme in a small area and use appropriate plant concepts to meet the goal. However, chrysanthemum types, Shrubs, herbaceous plants with distinctive leaves, and herbaceous plants with distinctive flowers exhibited a higher degree of connection than the other plants.

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