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2-C: Affective Education 2
Understanding the burden in communication through a short-term education program with practical experiences
- Focus on VAS differences among method and transition through experience -
Tamotsu ImuraYugo NaritaMichiko NakaiYuji TanakaTakemasa Ishikawa
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We designed and implemented a short-term educational program with practical experiences for students on communication support for patients with neurodegenerative disorders. We aimed to (1) clear and dissolve the factor of burden in communication through students’ understanding, (2) evaluate and maintain the effects of understanding this burden through practical experiences. Two lectures and one experience session that included a three method communication trial was conducted four times every 6 months. The students learned this program two consecutive times. The burden was recorded and evaluated by a visual analog scale (VAS) before/after using the three methods. A difference in the trend between the beginners’ and experienced group was found - the former felt that communication would be possible by using some tools before the experience. While comparing the before/after experience, the significant differences found in the beginners’ group was higher as compared to the experienced group. Almost no significant difference was found between (a) the same 1st and 2nd item and (b) the after 1st and before 2nd experience. The VAS of the before experience had high significant difference before it eventually transitioned to low. The burden was low while using any tool with a good timing or signal to the device or partner. We presume that participants understood the factor of burden and found a solution during the 1st experience to realize it at re-learning. Therefore, maintaining experiences 6 months apart, suggested the effect of repeated learning.

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