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A Lower Visual Information Processing Model Which Responds a Subjective Contour Considering a Fixation Point
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1996 Volume 9 Issue 3 Pages 137-143


This paper proposes a lower visual information processing model detecting a subjective contour which is a kind of optical illusions. In the earlier contributions, a DOG function partial to a specified orientation was used to detect a subjective contour. However, we adapt a DOG function having concentric circles. We consider that a visual information is represented by a position and an orientation in area VI and area V2, since neurons in the hypercolumn have selective responses to a position and an orientation. Our model can detect a positon and an orientation of a line by transmitting one output of a neuron in retina to plural neurons in area Vi through lateral geniculate nucles. We further consider the effect of a fixation point in detecting a subjective contour. We illustrate our proposed model to optical illusions in simulation. The results say that the model can realize neurons which have selective responses for a position and an orientation, and detect a subjective contour depending on a fixation point.

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