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ISCM vol9no2
A Study on Three Rookie Workers' Assignment Optimization under the Limited-Cycled Model with Multiple Periods ——Law of Rookie First——
Peiya SONGXianda KongHisashi YamamotoJing SunMasayuki Matsui
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2015 年 9 巻 2 号 p. 51-59


This paper models and analyzes serial production lines to discuss about the optimal assignment of workers whose ability varies from each other. A limited-cycled model with multiple periods (LCMwMP) is built for evaluating the expected processing cost depending on the risk of delay. In order to minimize the risk of delay, the assignment of the workers, especially rookie worker is focused on because they are the weak point who has the most probability leading to the delay. In previous researches, the workers are separated into two groups by the capacity of processing. And in the case when rookie workers group has only one or two workers, the rules of optimal worker assignment is already proposed by assuming an assembly line as LCMwMP model. In this paper, we continue to deal with LCMwMP model assuming an optimization problem with three rookie workers, for finding an assignment of workers to the line that has a minimum expected processing cost. Then, by the mathematics demonstration, we will prove the validity of these rules found by the numeral experiment. And by some numeral experiments, we will conclude several more rules of optimal assignment. At last, by comparing the rules assumed in this paper with previous research, it can be inspired if we can find out a common rule regardless of the number of rookie workers as a goal of future research.

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