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Fundamentals of High Temperature Processes
Coupled Simulation of Flow and Chemical Reaction with Finite Reaction Rate for Decarburization of Molten Iron using Gas Jet of Carbon Dioxide
Tetsuya Yamamoto Takeshi OmoriTakeo Kajishima
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2022 Volume 62 Issue 1 Pages 38-47


We proposed a novel numerical method for the reliable prediction of decarburization with CO2. In our method, mass, momentum, and energy conservation equations are solved simultaneously, where the reactive mass transfer, compressibility, and moving interface between gas and liquid are fully considered. In the decarburization reaction model, we assumed that the rate-limiting processes are the mass transfer in the gas phase and the interfacial reaction rate. Our method quantitatively well reproduced the total decarburization rates in the crucible of Nomura and Mori’s experiment (Trans. ISIJ, 13 (1973), 265.) using a jet of CO2–CO gas mixture. It was found that the interfacial reaction rate affected the local decarburization reaction rate and the concentration distribution of CO2 and CO near the gas–liquid interface. Thus, the consideration of the interfacial reaction rate is important for the accurate reproduction of the local decarburization phenomena by a gas jet of CO2.

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