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Challenges in Materials Integration
Masahiko Demura
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2024 Volume 64 Issue 3 Pages 503-512


Materials Integration is the concept of accelerating materials development by linking processing, structure, property, and performance (PSPP) on a computer using any types of models such as theoretical, empirical, numerical-simulation, and machine learning models. In the first and second phases of Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program in Cabinet Office, Japan, we have developed a system called MInt (Materials Integration for Network Technology), which links PSPP with computational workflows that combine modules implemented, in order to realize the concept of Materials Integration. MInt is equipped with an application programming interface (API) that can be called from various algorithms in the artificial intelligence (AI) field and one can use MInt-API together with the AI algorithms to inversely design materials and processes from desired performance. The target material systems have expanded to steel, aluminum alloys, nickel alloys, and titanium alloys, and the target processes have also expanded to welding, heat treatment, 3D additive manufacturing, and powder metallurgy. MInt is more than just software for materials design; it is designed to serve as a digital platform for industry-academia collaboration. The Materials Integration Consortium has been established with MInt as its core technology, based on the philosophy of sharing tools such as modules and workflows, while competing on how to use them. In materials research and development, which has traditionally been regarded as a competitive area, we hope that a digital collaborative area will be formed and that investment efficiency will be drastically improved.

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