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Effect of Volume Breakage Due to DI Measurement on Pore Structure in Coke
Naoto SakimotoToshimasa TakanohashiKoji SakaiTakahiro ShishidoTakuya YoshidaNoriyuki Okuyama
ジャーナル オープンアクセス 早期公開

論文ID: ISIJINT-2015-388


Coke strength is an important property and generally evaluated with Drum Index (DI). It is considered that coke breakage occurs by two types of breakages during DI measurement, surface breakage and volume breakage. In this study, the cause of volume breakage was investigated by image analysis of cross-sectional image of coke before and after the DI measurement. As a result, a new image analysis method was developed. In this image analysis method, pore shape and coke-matrix connectivity were evaluated and new parameters "degree of Irregularity (I)" and "Connectivity Index (CI)" were proposed. I and CI represent pore shape and coke-matrix connectivity, respectively. By using this image analysis method, it was revealed that pore shape and coke-matrix connectivity were improved on adding HPC (High Performance Caking additive). By comparing the cross-sections before and after the DI measurement, it was found that the volume breakage occurred at the portions which have higher porosity, coarse pores, cracks and thin pore wall. Furthermore, it was clarified that the thickness of the pore wall broken by the DI measurement was < 7.6 µm thickness.

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