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Effect of Paint Baking Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Resistance Spot Welded Q&P 980 Steel
Dileep Chandran Ramachandran Adib Salandari-RaboriAbdelbaset R. H. MidawiAndrew MacwanElliot Biro
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論文ID: ISIJINT-2023-483


This study investigates the impact of paint baking on the macro and micro-mechanical properties of resistance spot welds in quenched and partitioned 980 steels. It is observed that paint baking enhances both peak load and energy absorption during cross-tension tests, as indicated by load-displacement curves. Four different regions were identified from the load-displacement curves after paint baking. An intriguing observation was a quick increase in the loading rate following a prior decrease, attributed to change in crack propagation behavior rather than improved work hardening. The study further simulated the upper-critical heat-affected zone using a Gleeble thermo-mechanical simulator to evaluate flow strength and work hardening. The Kocks-Mecking strain-hardening model was employed to analyze work hardening behavior in the studied conditions.

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