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A New Super Multi-View 3-D Display System Based on Focused Light Array Using 2-Dimensional Vibrating Scanner Array
Ho-In JeonSanghun ShinNak-Hee JungJin-San ChoiYoo-Seek KangSe-Ha Choi
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In this paper, we propose a new Super Multi-View 3-dimensional display system which can implement Focused Light Array (FLA) concept that has been implemented by Kajiki at TAO (Telecommunications Advancement Organization) in Japan. The FLA system of TAO utilized a polygon mirror for the horizontal scanning of 45 views, and a galvanometer for the vertical scanning. The problem of this system is that mechanical scanning method has been used, which consequently makes the whole system fragile to external impacts. In addition to that, it require as large imaging optics as the screen size. The proposed system alleviates these problems by utilizing the 2-dimensional vibrating scanner arrays whose curvatures are computed in such a way that the reflected beams are scanned over the screen at a constant speed, for the purpose of obtaining the uniform intensity of the image all over the screen. The 2-dimensionally vibrating scanner array avoided the use of the large imaging optics, because the multiview images are scanned and imaged directly on the screen at the uniform intensity. Morever the scanning can be done electronically using vibrating actuators. Some aspects of Flexibility for implementing the SMV 3-D display system are also presented.

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