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Wing Morphology and Inertial Properties of Bumblebees
Dmitry KolomenskiySridhar RaviRu XuKohei UeyamaTimothy JakobiThomas EngelsToshiyuki NakataJörn SesterhennMarie FargeKai SchneiderRyo OnishiHao Liu
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2019 年 8 巻 1 号 p. 41-47


It is shown that the wings of bumblebees during flapping undergo pitching (feathering angle) rotation that can be characterized as a fluid-structure interaction problem. Measurements of shape, size and inertial properties of the wings of bumblebees Bombus ignitus are described that provide the necessary input data for numerical modelling. A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver is combined with a dynamical model that describes the time evolution of the feathering angle. An example result of the numerical simulation is shown.

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